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Are you tired of the constant changes in modern life? Unsure about how you’re going to stay positive through the next workplace change? Tired of being stressed about it all? You’re not alone. Change is a constant in our workplaces, and our lives in general. If you don’t acquire the skills to alter your perception of change, and improve your reactions and resilience to this common process – you will continue to struggle! Change does not have to be stressful; let Ros show you how to improve your resilience and thrive through change.


Chapter 1: What is Change?

An overview of change and the role it plays in our lives. You will discover why it is important for you to reframe change, and look for the positives.

Chapter 2: Understanding the Stages of Change

A discussion on various change management models – outlining the three stages of change. You will receive tips and advice for managing each stage.

Chapter 3: Understanding the Change Process

Shifting from change as an external event – we move to the internal processes and what you go through in transitioning to the new state.

Chapter 4: Reactions to Change

A detailed discussion on the reactions people might experience, and how to move past them. You will gain advice on how to move past feeling of loss and resistance.

Chapter 5: How Change Impacts People

Real world case studies that examine the diversity of reactions to change. You will discover why it’s important to go through all of the stages.

Chapter 6: A Look Into Resilience

An outline of the four traits that set resilient people apart. You will discover some tips and advice on how you can adopt these traits.

Chapter 7: What It Means to Thrive

Defining what thriving in change looks like. You will discover tips on how to monitor your resilience daily so that you can strengthen it more and more.

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